Cost of Teeth Whitening

The Cost Teeth Whitening varies and so do the processes.

No one wants to have yellow teeth.  They want to find out as much about the teeth whitening experience as they can.  There are teeth whitening methods out there that you can use that are painless and simple.

There are two types of teeth whitening products. They are bleach and non-bleach teeth whitening.  You need to figure out which of the two are better for your needs.

The cheaper option is going to be teeth whitening toothpastes that you can purchase in the stores.

They will have polishing agents that will take off the everyday lighter stains that are also called surface stains.

There is no bleach in them and they are not capable of the work that expensive teeth whitening products are.

The ones with bleach are going to help to lighten the stains that are harder to get off and the inside stains that are on the enamel itself.

There is hydrogen peroxide whitening products that are used in the mouth with a brush.

The products are found in two forms.

The first one is gel that can be applied for a certain amount of days until you see the right effect on your teeth. The results that you come up with will last for a few months or until you start to see stains on your teeth appear again.

You might want to consider a natural way of teeth whitening.  This will last a little bit longer than the gel.  The gels normally do not cost more than $20 or a little bit over.  However they must be used twice a day.

There are also teeth whitening pens or brushes that are used by many celebrities that work very well. The price vary but are very convenient and easy to use.

There are teeth whitening strips that cost around $50 and they do have peroxide in them.

The in office whitening and whitening methods that require you to use a tray will cost anywhere from $400 to $600.

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